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Vitruvius on Project Gutenberg

We now feature the 960 Grid system for simple and consistent layout for our themes. Along with easy customization in the theme administrator.

The entire template is based on the grid system. Each block regions is divided into the appropriate grid based on the number of blocks in the region. You can modify the grid for each region in the Theme Admin → Grid Layouts section.

Region Configuration

In this section, each variation is listed for you to select the preset grid layout. Each region can have up to 6 blocks in a row (after 6, it wraps to a new line). For each of the 6 options, choose your desired layout of the grids. Defaults are set for you. The Top Region Grid setup is shown below.

For each number of blocks, choose the desired layout of the blocks. The available layout options are available in the dropdown list.

Example When there are 3 blocks in the Top Region and you select 4|4|4, this means that each block will span 4 grids. (The theme is based on the 12-column grid) If you select 8|2|2, the first block will span 8 grids, the second and last blocks will both span 2.

These options are available for the all of the block regions except Content-Top, Content-Bottom and Copyright. Content-Top and Content-Bottom are based on the span of the Main Body and Copyright always spans the full 12 columns.

Main Body/Sidebar Configuration

The Main body area includes the Sidebar region. When selecting the layout of the main body, you are also selecting the layout of the Sidebar region. If this area contains ONLY the Main Body, it will span the entire 12 columns. If blocks exist in the Sidebar region, you can choose from a modified list of available options of how to display the Main Body and Sidebar region.

Example If the Sidebar region exists and you choose 4|8 from the admin, the Main Body will span 8 columns and the Sidebar will span 4. Choosing 8|4 will put the Sidebar on the right-hand side. The larger number always represents the Main Body.