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Using Typography

Every RocketTheme theme has its own set of content styles, these styles are known as Typography. Typography can come in a number of varying and diverse formats, ranging from simple text modifications to image insertions to improve the look, layout of your website and give it life. This tutorial will take you through the necessary steps to adding typography to your Drupal content.

Inserting Typography with the Editor

To insert the Typography into your content, you must use the HTML or PHP input type for any content editing. The following tutorial will outline the steps in which to do this.

Step 1 - Login

Login to the Drupal Administrator.

Step 2 - Navigation

Navigate to the Content Manager. Go to the Adminstrator panel and click on Content Management > Content.

Step 3 - Content Manager

When you have selected the Content Manager link, you will be sent to the Content Manager control panel. Select either Edit (after selecting a particular content item) or New, depending on whether you want to add typography to an existing or new item.

Step 4 - Input Format

Make sure you have selected Full HTML or PHP code for the input format section.

Step 5 - Inserting HTML

You then proceed to add your HTML coding into the tab/textbox that appears in front of you. This can be any HTML such as span class typography or styled lists.

You will not see the effects in the content editor, all style affects are only visible on the Frontend of your Drupal website.